Emailing agent statements from REALedger

This article outlines emailing agent commission statements from REALedger.

The functionality is designed so that each agent receives only the part of the report that contains their own activity.

The latest version uses SMTP (Simple Mail Transport Protocol) which does not require a mail client, but does require that the user’s e-mail service provides the ability to send e-mails by SMTP. Most of the big free providers such as Gmail,, Yahoo etc. Big bonus: not using a mail client means no more need to click “Yes” for each e-mail.

The setup is entered in System > Setup > SMTP E-mail Settings, which you can visit before attempting to e-mail reports, or it will load as a popup automatically if needed when attempting to e-mail reports. Here is what this view looks like:

Settings at the bottom are specific to the user’s mail service; the settings shown work for Gmail; for other mail services, the client should search the provider’s documentation.

Password can be entered or not. If not entered here, user will be prompted for password when trying to e-mail reports.

Any number of e-mail accounts can be entered. One or none can be set as default. If there is only one or there is a default, when e-mailing user will be asked for confirmation to use this account or user can enter another via popup. If none are entered or none are set as default, popup loads automatically so user can select which to use. If password is saved in the setup, that password will be used; if password is not saved in setup user will be prompted.

Once e-mailing is initiated, user will see the Windows processing icon until e-mailing is complete, so could take awhile depending on internet connection speed and number of e-mails being sent. In the future we will probably add fancier status notification or make this run in a background thread so user can do other things while the e-mails are being sent.

Depending on the mail provider and account settings, e-mails should show in the user’s Sent items; they did for me using a gmail account. Users email is also where they would find things like Undeliverable mail because of unknown recipient address or other problems that don’t cause an immediate error from the provider.

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