Email Configuration and Use (Commissions)

Navigate to Setup > Company Profile > System Defaults

Select Email Document Configurations

Default Email Configurations

This window allows the configuration of Default Documents that can be emailed to Transaction Resources. For example, Buyer letters emailed to Buyers or Agent Statements to agents. The email body should be configured per Resource.

From Email by default will populate (it is recommended to not change this)

Reply to Email will be your preferred email for potential replies

Mail Service User Name (copy/paste from below)

Mail Service Password (copy/paste from below)

Please note that emails cannot be sent without text in the body section.

Emailing from Transaction

Select the @ icon at the bottom right of the transaction window

Select the Resource you wish to Email and the Default Documents configured above will auto display. You can opt to include more documents at this time.

If there is more than one Resource; use the drop down. The email address attached to Resource will auto-populate and you can change/add on the fly if needed.

If there is more than one internal agent attached to the Transaction, you will receive the following warning “There are multiple agents on this transaction(s). Do you wish to proceed?”, select YES or NO. Some Documents listed will include commissions for another agent which should not be shared.

Email Subject by default will populate as: “Documents for Transaction: Address”; this can be edited

Email Body will populate with default text; this can be edited as needed

Select Generate 

A message in blue will display at the bottom right of the window, indicating the next steps.

Document(s) is/are generated, but an email has not been sent. Select Edit, make your changes, Save and Select Send:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Emphasys\quickTRS\Data\12_Emphasys Software Real Estate Ltd\Email Documents\Buyer20180056_AnthonyMark_20190726141739.doc

Emailed documents can be found at C:\Program Files (x86)\Emphasys\quickTRS\Data\Your Real Estate Brokerage Name\Email Documents.

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