Editing a Deposit Date

The purpose of this article is to provide the steps to edit a deposit date.

Once a Deposit has been attached to Transaction, the system prevents further edits for security and tracking purposes.

To edit a deposit date, ensure user has the correct permissions via Setup / Users/Passwords. Highlight the selected User Name and Edit and click on the “Set Program Access” button at the bottom right of your window.

Change permission level to 9 and on the Accounting tab, ensure there are checks as shown in screen shot below, then Save.

To Edit the Deposit Date, navigate to Accounting / Search Escrow/Trust Deposits, you may need to edit dates to find the incorrect deposit, disbursement, etc.

Highlight the Transaction containing the Deposit that requires adjustment.

Select the Edit Deposit date icon and change the date (icon looks like a calendar with pencil at the top right of the window)

Select Save

*Please note that if a deposit is already posted to QuickBooks®, changing the date in Commissions will not automatically update the deposit date in QuickBooks® upon next sync. You need to manually edit the date in QuickBooks®. 

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