Deposit Changes as of Version 4.3.2

This article highlights new funtionality whereby deposits now generate a single line item per deposit and handling all other postings via General Journal entry to allow users to print the Deposit Summary slip in QuickBooks®. In addition, the Buying Side Transactions moved monies out of the commission income via General Journal entry, so it made sense to have all postings to QuickBooks® comparable regardless of which transaction end your Brokerage represents.

Below shows a sample deposit with multiple lines posting different amounts to affected accounts in the General Ledger prior to the update:

The same deposit now displays as follows:

To confirm all accounts are still accurate, generate a Transaction Detail report within QuickBooks®:

Input three pieces of data on the Transaction Detail Report screen

Enter Processed date in From & To Date Range area

Add Checks to Debit & Credit in Columns area

Select Account List in Total by area


The report will show the deposit is no longer split and the relative journal entries:

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