QuickBooks® Online to QuickBooks Desktop® Conversion

This article outlines the data sets that can be migrated from QuickBooks® Online (QBO) to Desktop (QBD). Almost all data points important to the financials can be migrated from the Online account(s) to QuickBooks® Desktop for U.S. Users ONLY.

Please note that QuickBooks® Online does not provide a utility to migrate in Canada.

When exports are performed, we run the financial reports for the prior month, month to day, and prior year and to ensure a match or correct any items causing them to be out of balance inclusive of the following:

  • All transactions, names, and other data
  • Chart of Accounts
  • Products and Services (Inventory), Vendors, Customers, Employees
  • Payment Methods (with field length limits and exceptions mentioned below)
  • All Transactional Data – all checks, expenses, deposits, invoices, invoice payments, bills, bill payments
  • All transactions with any value


The following items are not exported:

  • Company Information and preferences: must be re-entered.
  • Reconcile reports and reconciliations are not exported. We ensure last reconciliation is redone
  • Companies using Multicurrency can be migrated however it is a more involved project
  • Paychecks exported as checks; pay period not exported. If using enhanced payroll, YTD payroll will require reentry. Recommended our staff manage this as can have adverse effects for payroll reporting
  • The audit log is not exported but can be downloaded to Excel or PDF for record keeping
  • Detail type from the COA does not export as this is not a feature in QBD and is unimportant
  • Account & class names are limited to 31 characters; names of vendors and customers are limited to 41 characters: some names may need to be altered to shorten in the conversion
  • Customer Notes, Preferred Delivery Method, Mobile Number, “is taxable” status must be re-entered
  • Customer credit card data not exported due to PCI compliance: can be data entered if desired
  • Non-posted transactions including Estimates, Outstanding Charges and Credits, and Purchase Orders not exported. If outstanding charges/credits applied prior to export, they are then posted and will be exported
  • Invoice numbers are limited to 11 characters: anything over this will be truncated.
  • Any list containing over 10K items (including deleted items). QuickBooks® Pro & Premier limit the combined total to 14,500 items. Any companies with lists over this amount require QuickBooks® Enterprise
  • Inventory Asset values are not exported, they would need to be entered into a journal entry
  • Recurring Transactions, Terms List, and Budgets do not export and must be re-entered
  • Memorized reports do not export and must be re-created
  • Sales tax items and calculations do not export. If using sales tax, the current month will require adjustment
  • Timesheets do not export
  • Attachments linked to transactions do not export
  • Vendor 1099 statuses: if using this field, it must be re-marked for these vendors


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