Best Practice: Backup REALedger Data

It is critical to setup a regular backup routine either using backup software default in the Windows OS or via third party cloud services and recommended that you:

  • Backup REALedger daily
  • Label backups with last date and time they were written (if backups auto generated this will be the default)
  • Store one set of backup media off-site (such as Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive etc)


Versions 6.9 or below

Two files need to be backed up on daily bases are:

REAL_DAT.MDB (this is the data file)
REAL_ARC.MDB (this is the archive data file)

REAL_PRG.MDE is the program file (typically installed on C:\Realedger of each workstation). It is fine to backup this file however not required as Emphasys can perform a new installation if this file becomes lost or corrupted.

REAL.MDW is the security file containing users and can also be re-created if needed

Any other .MDB files that are created by setting up multiple companies

If the REALedger application is self-hosted on your company’s server or workstation(s) and you experience technical difficulties, please contact your IT.

Version 2.0 or above

Navigate to the System module (wrench icon in upper-right-hand corner of the screen)

Select Processing in the navigation page (left side menu) > select Database Backup and select OK at the prompt:

Note: If you wish to keep copies of backup files somewhere besides the database server.

To add a second backup location: select Edit and enter the path to the Backup Location on Database Server

Enter the path to the Other Backup Location and select Save


Looking to have Emphasys manage your backups? Contact us regarding cloud storage services.

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