Customizing and Generating Letters (Back Office)

Customizing Letters

Back Office supports document templates (Microsoft Word) that can be customized via Setup > Templates

A few notes for customization:

  • Text fields in grey are mapped/populated from the Back Office system
  • Templates support company logos, address and other contact information
  • Margins and merge fields can be re-arranged as needed
  • Any fixed items should be modified on the template (i.e. Company tax number)
  • Certain fields such as PID/Roll Number, Registration Number etc mapped from the Custom tab


Once the template has been customized, select Save

To close the window, select “x” at the top right and “x” to close the Letter Templates window

Generating Letters to Contacts

Navigate to the desired Transaction > select the Main tab

Do not edit the transaction at this time

Double click on the Seller/Buyer name (or their representation) and select the Word icon:

Generating Letters to Selling or Buying Brokerage

Navigate to the Transaction > select the Commission tab

Select the Selling & Buying Commissions icon to the right of Gross Commission (do not edit the transaction)

Within the Transaction Commission Details window, select the Microsoft Word icon:

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