Signup process for ACH/CC module (via Constellation Payments)

Emphasys has partnered with Constellation Payments (CSIPay) to offer credit card processing services through the REALedger system.  Below are instructions to get started with a merchant account:

Complete the application form here:

Constellation Payments will build an application within 2 business days and submit to your company for signature. They will also require a copy of the following supporting documents:

  •  Most current year 3rd party (renewed or Audited) financials statement. If not prepared by a 3rd party, Financial statements must be accompanied with the same years Federal Income Tax Return (If you are NOT signing the Personal Guarantee)
  • Driver’s license for EACH principal signing the application
  • Voided Check or Letter from Bank (Bank Letterhead with your company name listed including the Routing Number & Account number)



Any ONE of the following documents to verify your business information:

  • Certified Articles of Incorporation
  • Signed Operating Agreement
  • Government Issued Business License
  • Signed Partnership Agreement
  • Signed Limited Partnership Agreement
  • Signed Limited Liability Company Agreement
  • Signed Articles of Organization



Alternate Documentation that can be used:

  • Evidence of the public listing or annual report of the entity – For a publicly traded company
  • Signed trust Instrument
  • Signed Letter of Testamentary
  • Signed Letter of Executorship
  • Signed Articles of Association
  • Form 990 & 501-C3 (For Tax Exempt Locations)
  • Other Corporate AML Approved Documents


Constellation Payments will submit to underwriting and within 7-10 business days and you will receive an email notification that your merchant account is approved.

Once approved, you will be required to go through the PCI Compliance process. A welcome packet will be sent via email with instructions on completing a PCI Compliance questionnaire through Sysnet. This must be done within 90 days of approval to avoid $59.99 per month. For questions regarding the PCI Plus protection program, contact Sysnet at 855-750-0747.

Once approved our support team will help setup the proper configurations in REALedger so transactions can be processed.

At any time, please feel free to contact support with questions or assistance:

Emphasys Software at 888-661-6499 or Constellation Payments at 888-244-2160 or


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