Covid-19 Automated E-sign


New template has been added to Virtual Office allowing you to communicate your special showing restrictions related to COVID-19. When appointment is booked (phone or MLS), the e-mail is sent to Showing Agent with a link to your customized letter. Showing Agents is asked to electronically sign and date the document, as well to enter the names of their client. Once the document is signed, the office will receive 2 notifications:

  1. Notification that the document has been signed
  2. Notification with option to download and save signed document in your local folder

The Action column in Unconfirmed Appointment will now indicate: eSign completed

The confirmation can be completed now based on listing configuration. When listing is flagged as “auto confirm”, the request will be now sent to Seller / Tenant, or confirmation will be sent directly to Showing Agent, if listing is marked as Auto Confirm/Vacant

Before activating this feature, please ensure the program is configured based on your needs.

quick!Office configuration

Phone List

The document signed by Showing Agents will be sent to the office to e-mail recorded for Main Branch

Branches / Detail tab.

Please ensure the e-mail address recorded here is accessible to appropriate stuff members of your team

Buyers / Prospect names

Showing Agents will enter their client’s names (this is a mandatory field); If you prefer, this information can be entered during booking appointment (via phone or MLS), so Buyers names will be available by viewing appointment slip.

File / Set Program Preferences / Appointments tab –“Show Appointment Prospect Field”

Virtual Office configuration


Admin Tools / Setup / Template Letters

From Event Group (left side) drop down select Showing Agent. This option will present you with 2 templates:

  1. COVID-19 Acknowledgement Email Template for Showing Agent. The text will be included in the body of the e-mail sent to Showing Agent
  2. COVID-19 Acknowledgement Content Template. Please review provided template and feel free to customize the content based on your company’s business needs.

Activate the feature

When you are happy with configuration and ready to start the feature can be activated via:

Admin Tools / Setup / Office Preferences tab – “Enable eSign Notification for Showing Agent”. SAVE your changes.

If you would like to disable current “pop up” notification for Online appointments, just uncheck the box beside “Enable PopUp message for Online Appointment”.

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