Correcting a Trust/ Escrow Deposit

There are times where you may need to correct an incorrectly entered deposit, and need to have the correct amount entered in the transaction. When this happens, there is any easy solution. If you have not already deleted the deposit in QuickBooks, you can simply reverse the deposit by adding a new, selecting the action of reverse and Post Immediately and the re post the correct amount.

If however you realized the deposit was incorrect and deleted the deposit form QuickBooks you will need to go into Emphasys Back Office, and do a “MOCK” Disbursal and be sure to Uncheck the Post To Accounting Box, you will be presented with an Information window and simply click yes to continue.

Once the Disbursal has been saved you can then enter a new deposit with the correct amount. Be sure to Post Immediately. It is always a good idea to enter a Description on the corrected amount.

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