How to copy files from Hosted to Local Environment

This article provides an overview on moving documents, reports or files from Emphasys’s hosted environment via remote desktop connection to your local PC or server.

These documents, reports or files can be emailed as an attachment once saved locally.  If you require letters to the Selling brokerage or seller’s attorney for example, you will need to copy/paste the letters in order to customize in absence of a Microsoft Word license in the hosted environment.

Step by step details provided below:

Customization Letters for Back Office

Step 1:

In Back Office > Company Profile > Notes/Letters tab, ensure there is a check to the left of the option labelled, “Letter Merge Without MS Office Installed”.  If not already configured, once initiated close the program and relaunch for new settings to take effect.

Step 2:

On your local computer, create a new folder perhaps on your desktop so it is easy to find, labelled, “Back Office Letters”.

Step 3:

On the host, you will see a folder on the desktop labelled “Word 2007 Documents” and you will copy/paste the appropriate letters over for customization, for example “Selling Broker v2”.

Step 4:

Once the Selling Broker v2 letter is copied over from “Word 2007 Documents” folder to the “Back Office Letters” folder on your local desktop you can customize templates as needed.

Step 5:

When all customization is completed, save the letter with the same name and when prompted, “Do you want to replace?” select Yes.  Once saved, you will copy/paste from “Back Office Letters” folder on your local desktop to “Word 2007 Documents” folder on the hosted solution.  Now when you generate the letter via the transaction, all customization will be inherited.

If you are not satisfied with the formatting once the letter is generated, you can copy/paste the letter to your local computer before printing.

An easier solution is to purchase an MS license for the hosted environment. Contact sales for a quote at 888-661-6600


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