Constellation1 Showings Release Notes (quick!Office Commander Version 4.11)


The calendar allows user to select 15 minute intervals when booking appointments


Offer Presentation option is added to Status drop-down allowing the office to record an Offer Presentation date and additional comments. The information is displayed at the bottom of the listing and is included in auto confirmation e-mail sent to showing agent.

Covid-19 Notification

“Buyers” field is now optional

“Resend COVID-19 Notification” button enables admin to resend the form if showing agent didn’t receive the original

Admin can change showing agents’ e-mail address and resend the form to a new address


External Agent database can be configured to automatically import once per day


Showing Agents now have the ability to opt-out from receiving specific notifications from the brokerage and stop receiving notification related to a specific listing (Example, registered offer notification)

Online Appointments

Booking appointment page enhanced to make it more user intuitive and user-friendly.

  • Number of Registered Offers is displayed at top of page
  • Instruction line directs showing agent to select date and time from the calendar
  • Time duration that is not available is now greyed out
  • “Call Office” has been replaced with “Not Available”
  • Cancelled appointment are displayed in unconfirmed appointment queue for listings that require manual confirmation


“Register an offer” tab is added

  • Showing agent can attached 801 form and send an email to listing agent


“My appointments” tab is added

  • Showing agents can view appointments and their statuses
  • Showing agents can cancel specific appointment

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