Commissions Release Notes version 5.4.0


  • Application rebranded from Emphasys/Back Office to Constellation1 Commissions; including logos, product names and license agreement. Users may have to re-initiate QuickBooks® Desktop Integration
  • Help / Knowledge Base launches with users’ default browser vs Internet Explorer only
  • City Maintenance now displays all variations of same city name if extra space has been saved in error


  • MLS/TMS Sync>Disclaimer added to “Information Icon” to remind users that information added to Commissions without updating your MLS/TMS application, may be overwritten with next import
  • dotloop integration logic now uses both “OfficeID” and “TransactionID” to ensure transactions import based on the values entered in both fields;  this logic has been implemented for Constellation1 Commissions clients whom belong to the same MLS/TMS
  • Corrected “Transaction out of balance” journal entry error with a two bank configuration


  • Users/Passwords>Set Program Access now provides option to “Start of Day Report” access via Management Reports tab
  • Added “Last Updated” field for Resource = Brokerage
  • “qb” icon replaced previous icon on Accounting tab of Company Profile as required by Intuit


  • “D1” Transaction Record Sheet displays Interest based on Interest Rule attached to escrow/trust deposit within the transaction
  • Escrow/trust disbursement is based on “Use this Processed Date” vs today’s date when processing transactions closing
  • Agent Check Stub report displays all after split fees/deductions when more than one agent attached to end of transaction


  • Century 21 Reports (Canada) franchise report includes option to “Include Income from Gross (Unshared/Shared)”
  • “Agent Net Amt” column on Agent Income Detail report does not include tax, if applicable
  • “Transaction Information Detail” report has been added
  • “Agent Production (Detail/Summary Previous 12 Months)” report enhanced as follows:
    • Report Sequence allows Closing Date
    • “New Details Version” allows users to select; Award Allocation, Unshared Other Income and Shared Other Income
    • Ability customize report column label and list of fees available to display

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