Batch Deposits for Reconciliation

Before starting your bank reconciliation, it can be helpful to batch deposits together when you deposit more than one check in a single deposit at the bank.

Before batching deposits, go to GL>>Processing>>Post the General Ledger.

Enter Ending Date equal to the last day of the month you are about to reconcile

Click Show Exceptions button

If there are exceptions they will be noted in a grid at the bottom of the screen and you will need to fix the exceptions before proceeding with batching deposits.

If there are no exceptions you will receive the following message:

If no exceptions are detected, proceed with batching deposits.

To batch deposits, go to Bank>>Processing>>Batch Deposits.

Pick the Cash Acct. from the drop-down list.

Click Add

Enter the date you will be taking the deposit to the bank.

Choose your date range to retrieve deposits.  The system will automatically default to today’s date, however you can change as needed.

The Credit Card Payment? checkbox is used in conjunction with our Agent Credit Processing module; which is available for purchase as an Add-on.  Do not manually check this box.

The Description will auto-populate; but can be edited if required.

Click Retrieve Deposits button to gather all the deposits information for the date range selected.

Select All will include all displayed transactions in the current batch, and a checkmark will be placed in the Select box.  A deposit that does not have a checkmark in the Select box will not be included in the current batch.  To deselect the deposits, click None button.

Click Execute Selection button to view the completed batch.

The Total Deposit will auto-fill based on your selections.

Batch Deposits stay in the Not Transferred view until retrieved into the Bank Reconciliation

Once retrieved into the Bank Reconciliation, they will move to the Transferred view


Please Note:  Editing a source transaction will not affect a deposit that is already in a batch.  You must edit the batch by deleting the deposit and re-retrieve the corrected amount.

Please Note:  Deposits already been retrieved into the Bank Reconciliation form cannot be included in a batch.  You must delete the deposit from Bank Reconciliation form in order to include it in a batch.



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