Implementation Checklist

The first step in the onboarding process is collecting some basic information for analysis:

1. Chart of Accounts

Our integration requires account numbers enabled in QuickBooks.

To activate:

Navigate to the Edit menu and select Preferences

Select Accounting in the list on the left

Select the Company Preferences tab

Select the Use account numbers checkbox

2. Account List

Navigate to My Shortcuts and select Reports

Search Account Listings

Select Account listing and Email as PDF

3. Commission Plans

Please provide specific samples of your commission plans. I.e: 70/30 to $50,000.00 (Gross commission), then 80/20 to $100,000.00, then 90/10 or a fee-based commission plan such as $1000.00 per transaction for 10 transactions, then $500.00 per transaction for another 10 transactions, then $250.00 thereafter.

Are you calculating your agents’ commission differently than described above? If so, please provide as much detail as possible.

Are your plans based on closed sales or something else? Meaning do agents graduate based on closed transactions, a rolling period, etc?

4. Transaction Fees

Please list all related transaction fees as follows:

Fee Name     After/Before Split     After/Before Referral     Amount / %

5. Agent Anniversary / Fiscal Year Dates

What is your agents Anniversary date?

Are you calculating using a calendar year (Jan-Dec) or based on their start date with your brokerage?

What is the month of your Fiscal Year end?


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