Automatic Appointment Confirmations with Sellers (quickOffice Commander)

Configuration:  Listing / Seller Appt TAB.

Auto Confirmation is controlled by the flag in Seller/Appt TAB of each listing. Click Edit button and select “Auto Confirmation” and then select Save

To select the contact who should confirm all appointments, select the “Edit Selected Listing Contact” (on the right side of middle section) and select “Send Confirmation to this Contact”.  If the listing needs to be confirmed by multiple contacts, edit and save each record. In tenanted property, if Seller only needs to be informed about the activities, leave “Send Confirmation to this Contact” box empty.

If your office is subscribed to SMS messaging and the Seller / Tenant prefers to receive messages via SMS, enter the mobile number and select the SMS option. Phone numbers must be 10 digits without spaces or other characters.

For email notifications, enter the email address

Booking appointment

When booking an appointment to listings with auto confirmation, you will notice that Save + Next option is grayed out

To save the record, click Save + Exit

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