Team Commission Plans (REALedger 2.0 or above)

This article highlights setup and functionality of agent teams in REALedger

Agents > Setup > Teams

All teams must have a Team Leader (TL). When a Team Leader is selected, they are also added as a Team Member as default. For situations where the TL should not be a team member, he user can delete the team member line for the team leader

If the “Pay Team Leader?” checkbox is selected for a TM, commissions for that agent will be generated to the Team Leader– the team leader’s name will appear on the check or ACH, but the commission record will still be associated with the agent that actually generated the commission

Agents > Setup > Commission Plans

A Commission Plan where “Team Plan?” is selected means the incentive levels are based on the total accumulated commission basis for all the agents in the team instead of just a single agent


Agents > Setup > Agents > Commission tab

The value set in the Current Team field is the team assigned whenever the agent is added to new sales, as long as the agent’s default Commission Plan is a team commission plan

Normally agent records do not need to be updated when creating teams because as agents are added to teams, the system will automatically update the Current Team value

Sales > Processing > Sale Transactions > Agents tab

When an agent is added to a sale, the Commission Plan and Team drop downs default to the values set in the agent record. The list of available selections in the Team drop down is limited to the teams that the agent is a member of

Team is required if Commission Plan is a team commission plan

Team is blank and disabled if Commission Plan is not a team commission plan

When the first agent on a team is added to a sale, the system prompts to add all the other agents from the same team:

Sales > Processing > Issue Commission Checks

If an agent being paid has Team set in the sale and in that team the team member has “Pay Leader?” checked, by default the payment will be made out to the team leader instead of the agent that generated the commission.


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