Agent Commission Statements

The purpose of this article is to provide you with direction to change the Agent Commission Statement configuration; including a sample of each format to make your selection.

The Agent Commission Statement replaces the old Agent Check Stub report from REALedger v1, so users have two reports to choose from; Legacy or Default.  The report in the old version of REALedger is the Legacy report, which does not include third-party referrals.  The report referred to as Default does include third-party referrals.

Navigate to System>>Setup>>System Settings and filter for COMMISSIONSTMT. Select Edit, make your selection via drop down (Legacy or Default) and Save.

The system setting that controls whether the other agents commission appears on the Commission Statement is CSRSHOWAGD.  Editing this system setting will not change historical Commission Statements.  This is not the case for system setting COMMISSIONSTMT.  Once you change the system setting COMMISSIONSTMT, all Commission Statements, even the historical ones will print based on the new system setting chosen.


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