Adding Agent Recruitment Plan (REALedger 2.0 or above)

Summary: In most organizations, there exists a common practice known as “Recruitment” which provides monetary incentives to their employees to recruit from within. REALedger provides the ability to manage this structure, using the Recruitment feature within the Agent module.


From the main navigation bar at the top, click on the Agent module.

From the left navigation pane, click Setup then click Agents.

From the Agents Screen, filter for the newly recruited agent name using the left filter pane by typing a portion of the agent name; Once found, highlight the agent to be edited and click Edit within the Agent record menu section (Add, Edit, Copy, Delete, Save, Undo).

From the Agents record section, click Recruitment tab; where you will now see the section that allows you to enter and edit the Agents for which incentives should be paid out to.

From the recruitment section, click Ellipses (), to find and select the recruiting Agent for the new employee by using the Agent pop-up filter. Once Agent is found and highlighted, click OK to continue or click Cancel to exit.  NOTE: To delete the selected recruiting Agent, click X”, next to the Ellipses ().

Upon Selecting a valid recruiting Agent, proceed to the section to enter the Bonus Recipients.

Click “+” to begin entry. NOTE: Click  X”, next “+”  to delete the new entries.

  • Bonus Recipient; click Ellipses (), to select an agent from pop-up filter
  • Bonus Type; Select one: CommissionShare (Check) or ARCredit (Office Credit)
  • Basis; Select one: Agent Adjusted Gross, Agent After Split, Agent Gross, Company Dollars to determine the dollar value to be used for the bonus calculation from the sale.
  • Default Amount; use this if the bonus for the agent is a flat amount.
  • Default %; use this if the bonus for the agent is a percentage of the “basis” dollar value.
  • Recurring AR Credit; Only active if bonus type is ARCredit. Use this option to generate an “On-Account” credit to the Agent – requires some setup for recurring Charge/Credits.
  • Repeat process as needed for additional Agents.

Click SAVE, in the Agent record section to save the information.

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