Adding Recruitment Plans (REALedger 2.0 or above)

REALedger supports the ability to pay incentives to agents for Recruitment or overrides (for example mentor bonuses)

From the main navigation select the Agents module

From the left navigation pane select Setup > Agents

Select the recruited agent by searching by name. Highlight the agent and select Edit:

Select the Recruitment tab

Select the Ellipses () to find and select the recruiting Agent

Proceed to enter the Bonus Recipients

Select “+” to begin entry

  • Bonus Recipient; select Ellipses () to select an agent
  • Bonus Type select either CommissionShare or ARCredit (Office Credit)
  • Select a Basis: this determine the dollar value to be used for the bonus calculation from the sale
  • Default Amount; use this if the bonus for the agent is a flat amount
  • Default %; use this if the bonus for the agent is a percentage of the “basis” dollar value
  • Recurring AR Credit; Only active if bonus type is ARCredit. Use this option to generate an On-Account credit to the Agent – requires some setup for recurring Charge/Credits.
  • Repeat process as needed for additional Agents

Select SAVE

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