How to Account for Missed or Underpaid Referral

This article outlines the steps to account for a missed or underpaid referral without having to void the sale.

Via Sale Transaction
Add another third-party line item for the additional referral money shortfall and add an additional agent record to account for the overpayment.  Once you add the extra referral line, when you add the additional agent record, the amount of that record will be a negative value and the amount overpaid will be accounted for as a negative ACHG post-split.  When you go through the issue payment process, an agent charge will be created to be repaid by the agent at a later date.  Then you would go into the AP module and pay out the additional referral amount.

You can either process the sale with two third party lines items, so that it reflects the fact that you will have two AP records for this one referral, or you can add just one third party line for correct amount of the referral.

If you opt for adding two third party line items, uncheck the Pay by AP? on the first third party line, so another bill is not created upon closing; leave the smaller third-party Pay by AP? box checked and a bill will be created when you close the sale.

If you opt for adding one third-party line item, for the correct amount of the referral, uncheck the Pay by AP?  box so another bill is not created upon close.  In this instance, you will need to add a bill for the lower amount manually, in the AP module.

After the third-party activity is entered, add the agent to the sale.  The correct agent Gross Commission will populate for the agent and the rest of their record will autofill correctly, leaving you with the Agent Payment that the agent was supposed to receive. You do not want to pay them that amount because they probably cashed the previous check.  You will force the Agent Payment amount to be the same as the check the agent has already cashed.  To do this, enter a negative ACH value of the amount overpaid.  This amount will be the difference between what the agent was paid and the amount they were paid. Remember to enter the ACHG as a negative bill.  Then when you close the transaction, an agent charge will be created to be repaid by the agent, either with their next closing or they can issue you a check and you can deposit that in the bank module as a non-commission agent deposit.

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