Access Denied

This article provides the steps required to resolve an Access Denied error when launching the Commissions application.

On the computer that the database resides navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Emphasys\quickTRS and look for “qtrsAdmin.exe”, right click and select Send to Desktop.

Once saved to the desktop, right click and select Run as Administrator. 

Enter your User Name and Password. If you do not have a User Name and Password, please use User Name: Admin and Password: Admin. The username and password are case sensitive so please enter exactly as displayed.  












Select the Workstation Cleanup button

Once selected, you will receive a confirmation prompt, “This will reset the registered workstation(s) and may cause loss of data being edited. Do you want to continue?” Select Yes

Once the Cleanup is completed, you will be presented with System Confirmation window, select Yes and close the quick!TRS Administrative Utility application.

You may now launch the Commissions application.

Please note: This functionality forces all registered workstations through a clean up process, meaning if your computer crashed with Commissions open, the program may be using one of your licenses, causing other users the inability to launch the program from another workstation. It will remove all the registered workstations from the licensing system. This may cause current users that are logged in to quit Commissions without any warning that can result in loss of data.

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