Release Notes Version 3.77 (quick!Office Commander)

Appointments New ‘Book’ option added to the Appt Menu tab to streamline appointment bookings
Appointments Enhanced Time Change logic: when Sellers or Showing Agents request a time change, the confirmation process now allows users to contact the person requesting the time change and confirm a new time
Appointments Online Appointments can now be disabled for specific listing(s) via the Web/Media tab
Appointments Showing Duration now displayed as read-only in the Appointment slip
Appointments ‘Broker Type’ now enhanced to default to Buyer. The Showing/Inspection field now defaults to Showing. This was done to save time booking appointments: when showing agent selected, ‘Broker Type’ defaults to Dual
Config New ‘Show admin login only’ option has been added to Global Setting. When selected, the login screen reveals only names within the Support Staff list
Config ‘Enable Message Subject Line’ has been added to the Messaging & Paging tab
Listings Listing status has been relocated after the ‘City’ column for clearer visibility
Listings ‘No Appts’ fields have been extended to display the full-time format
Listings Registered Offer has been enhanced to allow users to modify or extend the Expiration date and all active Offers are now displayed. This feature allows users to keep all offers active until the presentation date
Listings Option added to specify ‘Showing duration’ via Seller / Appt tab. When a specified time allocation (30min and 60min) is exceeded during appointment booking, the warning prompts users to review and change the time. Office Admins have the option to proceed.
Listings Added option to Seller notification: Refused. This feature is useful for tenanted properties, notifying Sellers when appointments have been refused
Phone list Confidential tab: quick!Mobile activation has been added to enable admin sending invitations to agents the mobile application
Phone list CC option has been added to support agents e-mail, teams, and quick!Mobile messages if applicable
quick!Mobile quick!Mobile enables direct messaging between quick!Office Commander and mobile devices (Android or iOS) to bypass providers (Rogers, Bell, Telus, Koodoo, Freedom). quick!Mobile supports most features available via other messaging systems: copy/paste, share, reply to office, direct dial, SMS, add Contact, Add to calendar etc
Phone list Company Name in Details tab enhanced to facilitate Corporate Agents by displaying the company’s name in appointment reports, notifications and letters
Reports Appointment Reports for Corporate Agents displays the company’s name entered in agent’s Detail tab, including agent’s mobile number
Reports Listings and Management Report now provide an option to select by Branch office
Reports Phone List / Paging Information now indicates which agents are subscribed with the quick!Mobile app
UncApp When a listing is selected, the specified showing duration now displays at the top of the page. During appointment confirmation, this helps administrative staff remind showing agents how long they can stay at the property
UncApp Added Company column allowing users to sort and call one office with multiple confirmations
UncApp Appointments that are not confirmed 60 minutes prior to the scheduled showing time are now highlighted in red
UncApp Appointments not completed but partially confirmed are now highlighted in green within 60 minutes prior to the scheduled time
Msg View Messages tab: a red arrow in the left column indicates incoming messages sent back by agents via quick!Mobile. Agents’ initials are displayed at the end of the message
Msg View Messages tab:  Delivery time and Viewed time have been added to monitor messages sent via quick!Mobile
Msg View Messages tab: Not yet delivered ratio button has been added to monitor messages sent, but not delivered via quick!Mobile
Listings Events Enhanced so when events are cancelled, a notification is sent to all registered agents
Event Notification A new Thank You Letter template has been added to Template Letters / Custom and can be modified by office administrators. The letter can be sent by Listing Agent and Admin to new clients via Action > Thank You Letter. Notifications automatically populate contact information and showing instructions entered into Seller/Appt tab allowing the Seller to verify if the correct information
My Deal Sheet Added feature whereby administrators can define which documents are required for submission. Required documents are highlighted in red

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