Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Databridge Reporting (REALedger)

Emphasys supports batch reporting via data bridge for all Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices (BHHS) Affiliates. This article highlights the initial configuration instructions which are covered during implementation.


Office records require Franchise Office Code entered in order to create BHHS batches. The code is in the form state abbrev + 3 digit affiliate ID + 3 digit office ID (i.e. WA001001). Accounts with multiple offices will have the same first 5 characters (i.e. all WA001 then they may differ in the 3 digit office ID, e.g. WA001001, WA001002, etc). Each office should have BHHS office code entered even if the office does not have a physical address:


Agent records require Franchise Agent ID to be entered on the Misc tab in order to create BHHS batches that involve sales for that agent. This information is available to clients in the BHHS Resource Center. Franchise Agent Type is submitted to BHHS as part of the roster synchronization but it is not required entry because the system assumes the agent is full-time if it is not entered. REALedger also supports agent roster synchronization:


  • Franchise tab displays all pertinent information per BHHS Databridge spec (only visible for BHHS users)
  • Different validation applied if BHHS client to meet BHHS Databridge specs
  • Can enter buyers/sellers in the plain text fields or on Entities tab
  • When agent represents both sides, can either enter agent twice, once on each side, or just enter once and side counts will be used to proportionally report the commission by side to BHHS. Note that if the side counts and the agent’s gross commission per side are in different proportions then the agent should still be entered twice to report the side commission accurately (i.e. if agent is getting $6000 from selling side and $4000 from buying side but side count of 1 on each side, the agent should probably be entered twice, once for each side, because if just entered once with $10000 in gross commission and side count one on each side, we would report $5000 on each side to BHHS; probably doesn’t matter because unlikely BHHS does anything with the side commissions, they mainly require total from both sides).

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Batch Manager

Located in Sales module under Processing:

Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Reports

Batch Transmission report is only available immediately after generating a batch and only for the just-generated batch. It loads automatically after successful batch creation and can be run from Reports dropdown in the BHHS Batch Manager.

Batch Tie-Out report: can be run from Reports drop down in BHHS Batch Manager or on its own from Sales > Reports.

Note: This file should be remitted to the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices online Resource Center portal.

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