2019 Tax Table Update

The IRS has released Payroll tax table updates for 2019. It is recommended to review Notice 1036 from the IRS as it contains new tax rates. Review IRS Notice 1036: here

FICA and Medicare rates did not change except for the FICA ceiling which has increased to $132,900; search “FICA limit 2019” on the Social Security Administration website to verify.

Download TaxTable_Update_2019.zip to any PC where REALedger is installed

Unblock the folder by right-clicking the folder icon > select Properties

if there is an Unblock checkbox, select it

Select Apply then select OK

Run TaxTable_Update_2019.exe. If you receive prompts from Windows, enter the system credentials (if credentials unknown contact your IT)

Select Next

Browse to the folder that contains REALeger data. To verify the location of the database, look in REALeger under System > Maintenance > System Information 

If the path shows #Name, right-click the REALeger shortcut and select Properties. In the Target property will be a section that starts with /wrkgrp, the text after /wrkgrp will be the folder where the real.mdw file is located

Select Next then Select Finish

To verify that the new rates are in place, login to REALeger and go to Payroll > Maintenance > Non-withholding Tax Rates (FICA etc).

The Calendar Year should say 12/31/2019 and the FICA Ceiling should be 132,900.00.

This can also be verified via: Payroll > Maintenance > Withholding Tax Table

The percentage should be 0%, 10%, 12%, 22%, 24%, 32%, 35%, and 37% reading down the columns


If assistance required, Emphasys support is available to perform this update: please contact 888-661-6600 option 1 to schedule

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