Release Notes (REALedger Version 2019.03.28) 


  • Added ability to delete pre-split and post-split deductions from an Agent record if deductions were not previously used
  • User Permissions enhanced to allow users to define new Roles or enabled the addition of new modules to existing Roles
  • MLS/TMS Integration option added to Roles / Permission module detail items
  • Fixed error when adding Agent(s) to a sale whose amount accrued in the commission year is negative for the basis field
  • Import new commissions from text file enhanced to set the “Pay By ACH?” in the commission to same value as the “Pay By ACH?” status in the agent profile record
  • Copy function in AP Bills enhanced to allow editing the Check Expense and the Agent Charge Entries. Existing Agent Charge entries will be copied to the new Bill 
  • Enhancements to General Journal Entries to include a Line column. This allows entering a journal entry and maintain the order of the line items as entered
  • 1099s now support company legal names exceeding 40 characters
  • Duplicated “Agent 1099 Earnings” entry in Agents Roles replaced with “Agent Activity”
  • A Retain Selections option added to Agents tab allows system to memorize agents for use in different reports and other processes, where Agent filtering is an option
  • Enhancement to the Agents filter tab.  When this view loads, by default, only Active agents are selected.  To see all, including terminated agents, select Show All



  • A Show Payments Only option added to All Charges Entered/Paid by GL report to allow hiding the Accrued column and only seeing paid agent charges. Payments not yet applied to charges now also displayed
  • The Cash Activity Report enhanced to show payments and deposits as positive values when option “Show debits and credits in separate columns” is selected
  • Balance Sheet enhanced to support posted data in more than 1 year
  • Payment Amount column added and enabled to sort to Payment selection grid when issuing commission payments. 
  • Agent Commission Statement enhanced to display a separate summary for each sale when Agents have multiple closings selected for payment
  • Fixed Control script when Agents receiving 100% commission do not have a commission plan assigned in their master file
  • Invoice number column on AP Aging Report enhanced to display the full value
  • Sort order on Income Statement This Year vs. Last Year enhanced to group General Ledger Account sub-types correctly
  • Trust Audit report enhanced to exclude Trust records with zero balance when the Open Trust Only option selected
  • Commission Deposit report enhanced to allow users to exclude Agents deleted from the original transaction

Third Party Integrations 

  • Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices validation enhanced to support sales where one agent receives all commission but zero side counts, another agent receives side counts but no commission, and there are third-party transactions involved
  • Agent records with Address 2 field containing more than 11 characters are now successfully transmitted
  • Improved sync speed for Agents, Agent AR, Transaction and Team records 


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